Mar 1, 2005

my first baby


(hehehe... i'm too lazy to learn to use the scanner. this is easier.)

it's been awhile i haven't posted (though, i doubt someone really cares if i post or not) something. so here's an update about me. part of the reason why i've been silent for some time. 'been busy with work lately plus the baby 2005 and the baby 2004. i'm not complaining (defensive) but it's not easy having a very active almost-7-month baby and being almost-3-month preggy, you sometimes lose your mind! so who(m)ever found my mind, kindly keep it for a while and take care of it. my mind might be better off with someone else for now.

by the way, sex of the baby cannot be determined yet. hopefully, this time the baby whould be a girl. i can't wait to know the sex. so i could start buying (hopefully i have some cash to splurge) those pink flowery girly stuffs. i'm excited!


Alveel Kaith C. Cimafranca said...

wow, congrats on ur 2nd baby! i can perfectly relate -- i think i'm going crazy, i think i have gone crazy since i've discovered i am pregnant... hehehe.

rose buenconsejo said...

super taenx! i think u know about this too, i've read somewhere that pregnancy can shrink a woman's brain but don't worry, it will go back to its original size once u've given birth. i don't know if it's true but i can use this as a good excuse.

godbless on your big day! enjoy yourself while the baby is still in your tummy. go out and sleep as much as you can! and once the baby is out, expect for a more crazier adventure!

i'm talking too much already...