Mar 18, 2005

finally, we switch!

we finally find out the real culprit behind miguel's constipation after 1 month of battle. can you imagine being cosntipated for 1 month? after putting him on a fruit (mostly papaya)/veggie diet (apples and bananas not allowed), he was still constipated. so we deduced, it must be the milk! so from enfapro, he is now on nan 2! his poopoo business is now back to normal - the typical soft-moisty poo! also good, because we are now on a lesser expensive milk formula (like P100 less). damn that feakin' expensive enfapro milk for miguel's constipation!

isn't that great, more savings and better poo business! with the P100 less, i could buy a a pack of 12 large pampers baby dry disposable diaper. =) (by the way, where are the pack of 20+ large pampers dry? there's less and less stock of pampers baby dry on grocery shelves these days.)

but it does me thinking, does formula really matters in child's development? think about a constipated genius child? hehehhe


karenjen ♥ said...

such maternal kayod:)...where are you living right now and why not go for breastfeed?

rose buenconsejo said...

as n from the far-away land of 'lacion... ako milk nawala when i go back to work plus i'm pregnant again!!! kon ngano nabuntis na sad ko, mao nay dakong mysteryo sa ako kinabuhi! and you can't brestfeed when you're pregnant. unsa na lay mahabilin nimo!

cge, pwde na ka mokatawa karinjin! =)))

Gugma Trinidad-Pabon said...

i think formula milk is a big contributor to baby's poopoo consistency. if you can, read up on and you'd learn a lot. my worries and questions are mostly answered/consoled by this site. heck! i even trust this site more than my pedia! hehe.. shush ok? ;)

i don't have much problems with edge's poopoo coz he's still breastfed until now. however, i do have a big big problem coz i really want to go back to work soon, and he doesn't like formula milk. when i go out, he waits for me to have his milk. he knows how to sip from the bottle, but he can't even finish an ounce of formula milk. edge is using NAN HA1 right now since he got sick (an allergic reaction) with enfalac. he was throwing up lots and lots of milk for 3 days. we thought it was just a case of not burping him good, but when the 3rd day came, i got really concerned and thought about what could be wrong. it was then i realized that the only thing introduced to him the past days was the milk. he also wasn't pooping on a daily basis because of the milk. argh!

a note though, those "enfa" type of milk is very helpful to baby's development, this another pedia i know said. she advised me that i should try to give edge enfalac again some time. in your case, i hope you'll find a good milk that won't give miguel lots of poop-trouble. :)

Therese Habana said...

oh nice nice mommy exchanges hehehe!!! soon i'll be able to relate to you mommies hehehe! as of now i'm enjoying and at the same time suffering the discomforts of being pregnant! and yah i enjoy have been checking on it since i got pregnant.

rose buenconsejo said...

i subscribed to but i don't go to their site that much because it's such a torture watching their cute colorful displays - those toys, cutie cutie clothes, the gadgets which i can only drool on. arrrggghhh... that site is soo mean for poor mamas like me! =)))

when i went back to work, miguel was on enfalac. and he has no problems with it. that's why it made his pedia wonder why enfapro does not work on him. his doctor said too that enfa is a good milk. nwyz, i still believe that it's not with the milk, it's with the genes! and also, according to my lesson a long time ago, "the intelligent 'genes' of the baby comes from the mother!" =))) hehhehehe

miguel did not like bottles at first too but when he gets hungry, he has no choice but to learn to love his bottles. poor baby! i have a cousin who has problems drinking from bottles. she won't drink from the bottle. her pedia recommend a nipple that sort of feel like real nipple. that solved the problem. i think the brand of her nipple was gerber. i guess you have seen these kind of nipples already in stores - that big silicon nipples.

rose buenconsejo said...

i don't know if it was only on my case, but goodluck to the first 2 months (especially when you have a boy)! it was like nightmare to me!

Therese Habana said...

thanks! it's a bit scary for me now... couldn't imagine how stressful it's going to be. but surely, i don't have a choice but to manage ;-)