Sep 12, 2011

falling in love

I'm in love with (distance slow) running. The only thing that made me gave up weekends with my family.

A few finds I collected on the way.

We have a grapes farm here in Cebu, Philippines, Mabuhay!
Boljoon, cebu
Santander, Cebu
Meeting more 'lantays' on the way.
Just like love, I really do not know how to explain why I love distance running. =) It's probably the mix of pain, unsureness and peacefulness that comes with it. (Emphasis on distance because I get bored with running around the subdivision -- too monotonous.)

will end here before I go on preaching that running will solve all our problems. Thanks to markjohn for agreeing to babysitting alone on weekends.


불사하는 펜 said...

nice, want to do this pud rosy.. :D

불사하는 펜 said...

and there are undies along the way? hehehe, nagkatawa jud ko...

rose buenconsejo said...

sige2x. check -- kuyog2x ko ani nila. will msg u when maabot mi sa toledo -- basin ganahan mo moapil. at least dool ra sa baby. hehe