Nov 6, 2012

Christmas wish list: Vermi Compost Soil

Vermicultured soil is shit from worms. You feed worms your scrap, they eat them, and then shit them back as earth. (note that scrap means uncooked fruit / vegetable etc). It's nutritious because imagine the nutrients from the scrap.

Anyhoo, i made an experiment if vermicompost, worms' shit, is better than cow/pig's shit.

Using the 2 passion fruit seedling 'gifted' to me from Esel of Loboc, Bohol, i use pure vermicompost on one, and the typical garden soil made up of cow shit / tipasi (rice husk?) on the other.

And, voila! The one on the left side is the vermicompost, and on the right side
Is the typical garden. You can no longer see the passion fruit as spinach (kulitis) invade the pots.

Obviously, basing on the pic, worms' shit is the big winner! It made the spinach obese. :) Buyag!

So all i want for Christmas is vermicompost soil. It's P10/kg at Barrio Luz Barangay Hall, look for Purita.

It's definitely more expensive than the regular garden soil. But then remember that they're going to end up in our body. As they always say, if we aim for the best fuel for our car, so much more with our body. :)

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