Dec 15, 2013


The pens section is one of my happy places. But I refrained myself, for probably 2 years already, to randomly get near it, and impulsively buy. Because I hoarded too many, but went mostly unused because I don't really use them. Because I'm way too pass a student. 

In short, I'm too old, it's no longer cute for me to hoard colorful pens!

But still i let myself bought a few once a year. Since the year is almost over, and I'll be getting a "moleskin" planner, courtesy of GCs we got from the Christmas party, it's just worthy to get my annual stock of pens.

So presenting the new ones, and the old ones. The ones on the left are new ones. I got particular giddy to see these new casing of Pilot pens.

Yes, i'm really more of a Pilot pen fan; and I particularly prefer this "pushy" type because i don't have to deal with losing the cap/cover. :)

If you want to give me a gift, I'd be over the moon happy to receive Pilot G-2. :)

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