Apr 6, 2005

of weewee and injections...

i went to HP clinic today for my urinalysis and CBC for my pregnancy. urinalysis to check if i have UTI, and CBC for i don't know - maybe to determine your sugar level, i'm not really sure.

these are some of the things i don't like about being pregnant, all the medical tests you're required to have. but for the sake and love for your baby, you have to do it.

i don't like getting a urinalysis because i can't seem to aim my pee perfectly at the little plastic cup the clinic provided which they require to have it filled up halfway. well, i don't find it grossy but i just don't like the feeling of pee all over your hands. maybe, this would be easier for the boys.

cbc and anything that requires needles just suck big time! i really hate needles. i know it's just like some ant bites but still the thought of being pricked by a needle, and blood being sucked is just too much for me! see, i'm already scared with the little needles how much more the needles in the operating room!!!

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Therese Habana said...

hmmm... on my first prenatal visit here, i had to have these blood work! they took 7 (imagine 7!!) vials of blood to test my medical condition, etc. CBC is nothing! i can almost faint looking at how much blood they got from me.

as to the urinalysis, i found a technique already hehehe! pee from the other side of the bowl and squat (on air) while taking a leak. or better yet take everything off to avoid the mess!!!