Apr 4, 2005

the long wait...

queuing  for miguel's 7-month check-up!

on line with us that day is this cute li'l baby below!


Therese Habana said...

owh!!! i can't wait to see mine.... getting too impatient tsk tsk!!! =)

rose buenconsejo said...

take your time... enjoy yourself while it's not there yet because you'll never know... =)))

i was back then pretty excited to have my baby but when he finally arrived, i felt like shoving him back to my tummy... =)))

i don't think i'm scaring you, right!

Therese Habana said...

yah a bit scary! was it the post-partum depression? i know there's a lot of hardwork when the baby arrrives. but pregnancy in its entirety somehow trains you for that... i wish i know what i'm talking! hahaha =P