Apr 13, 2012

beep beep beep

I've been wanting to update my multiply again regularly. But it feels like that of a close friend back in grade school, and then you finally meet, and then you realize that a lot has change between the two of you that you no longer know how to connect with each other. And so subsequent meet-ups would just be up to "hi and hello." So that's how I'd been feeling every time I open my multiply account, hoping to update it about bits and pieces of my life but I just ended up just giving it a quick hello, a quick browse, then bye.

But unlike a long-lost friend, I just cannot let go of this little piece that keeps 20 pages of album photos and 73 pages of my rants / thoughts about me, myself, and I, my kids, my husband, anyone that annoys or amazes me. 

So hopefully this is a start, instead of just saying a hello and then exit. This is kind of important to me because it's not really about me -- but more about my kids, and few ramblings to annoy the husband, and yes, about ME! =)

So the kids, every time I would be asked about the traits of my kids, it will be:

Invisible KidMigi is the invisible kid. In the house, I do not really much hear from him except on the obligatory sibling fight. Most of the time, he's just in the corner playing any thing video games. I know it's bad but what can I do, our house is one cyberzone of gizmos.

But on the brighter side, he does also demand to go out and play tennis. He has Saturday classes, which he sometimes attends and sometimes not.  And, I'm proud that he biked around Cebu City with Mark, a good 10KM+, during the Earth Hour celebration.

This was taken during the 1st time he went alone to the Tennis court.
Annoying MegI'm trying to say it with love. She's the younger MIL version. And, again I say it with love. =) If Migi is invisible, then she is the exact opposite. She's the reason behind our walls to be always updated with murals, stickers, and arts.

She can really be annoying but at the end of the day, when I see her tucked in bed holding her stuffed toys, lady bug and spongebob, how can I not feel lucky! =)

She just finished pre-school, which means I now have 2 graders. Ow how time flies! =)
Always the BabyI cannot deny that Mati is spoiled. He is everyone's favorite. I guess it's one of the perks of being the youngest. He is the family's troll who is such a tease to his older sibs.

And, again how time flies so fast; he's going to be schooling this June. After 2 tries in taking the entrance exam, the teacher let him in. The first try was he crumpled the test papers and threw away the pencil. I'm not really proud of if but on the other side, at least this kid is not afraid to express what he feels. The second try, he finally cooperated though he did not get any correct answer.
Ow what an update! =)


karenjen ♥ said...

hi rose, whenever i'm here, i visit your page to see what's up :) hehe...i no longer update mine too, very rarely now. salamat sa reminder that i've invested quite a lot of time here. hehe :)

Cating Geverola said...

i've missed your ramblings rose! glad you're back:)

rose buenconsejo said...

girls, u'r still on multiply??? wow! it shows ur age! =) hehe

Cating Geverola said...

hahaha. not really, it sends updates man gud. so nakita nako na nag update ka. hehehe. reasons! di mo angkon sa edad;)