Apr 15, 2012

The Rubber Shoes, Pink Chucks, and Ben Ten Slippers

The last thing I want to post here is about running. But then I just cannot resist to be bragging about my kids' first organized fun run -- Run for BB. I signed up the 3 kids.

Migi. I intended to register Migi for a 400M dash run but Mark said it's too short for Migi, and had him signed for a 3KM run. But Mark's going to accompany him. Being sporty is something natural for Migi so it was not really much of a question or a surprise that he'd be able to make it.

Since Migi was in the 3KM, he and Mark were the first to go. I think they're a bit too fast. I did not notice them crossing the finish line. A bit sad that I was not able to get a pic of Migi's first finish line crossing.

Migi looked like he did not break a sweat.
Rubber Shoes
Mati. Mothers / parents always have this gut feeling of what their kids are into. But with Mati, I just could not see what is that certain thing / activity he is really into. Migi has this natural talent for athletics. Meg is big about doodles and arts. Mati is I don't-know. He seems to have some 'theater arts' traces as he can be very animated.

So anyway, I signed him up for this fun run just because one of the sibs is joining. You know that sibling "all or nothing" kind of thing.

He was the second to go for a run for the 200M dash. And, his finish line drama looked too familiar. We have the same 1st finish line experience -- crying.

I thought he was crying because he was cranky from waiting too long for the kiddie dash to start. Later on, while I was consoling him, he told me again and again in between sobs, "Wa ko daug. Hinay ako dagan." He did not stop crying and saying how slow he was on our way home.
At home, he told me to get him a shoes so he can run faster. Yay! Blame it on my laziness and my being fan of barefoot / minimalist running. Anyhoo, we found some hand-me-down rubber shoes from Migi. And, off he went running outside as practice for his next run. I'm just glad he's able to pick his self up.

Meg. When it comes to sports, Meg has been underrated. She usually declines to be enrolled to tennis clinics (we're just a few meters away from a tennis court) as she believes she's meant to be in a ballet class. Eeekkkxpensive so nothing happen to that belief. But Mark, instead, got her a bike and she's the official bike tutor in the neighborhood. So those sporty kind of activity is really more of a social event for her than a physical activity.

When she got dressed up for the run, I asked her if she's going to wear his white rubber shoes or her high-cut kind of pink chucks. Being Meg, the pink-ier the better so she ran in chucks.

I kind of actually thought that she'd pull a drama-queen, and won't run. But surprise, she came first in the 400M dash group. I got teary-eyed watching her beaming with happiness and pride getting to cross the finish line first.
Pink Chucks
She actually kind of won it more by being 'smart.' (I'm not saying the other kids are not. Please forgive this proud mother.) She was not in the lead, but the lead missed the turnaround. That's why she was able to overtake them.

Anyhoo, we'll see next Sunday if Meg's winning is just a fluke, if Mati can redeem his self with some old chucks, and if it will be just another day for Migi. Yes, we're joining yet another fun run. =)
Before their run, still excited
Still before their run, got bored waiting for their turn

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