Jan 18, 2013

BUSY but not complaining

On our way home, I commented to Mark that time really flies so fast when I get myself involved in a project, like runroo and now, not to mention trying myself run faster. In a way, I'm happy about it. But in a way, it gets me worried if I moved too fast, and got burned out before the finish line like in running.

Anyhoo, but more than complaining about busy-ness. I'm kind of pressure to really make this work. I'd find myself doing a sign of the Cross from time to time to ask some boost from Lord to please make whatever I do work. 

And looking at the bright side, I think what we are doing is working. Little steps, little steps.

In times like this, I'm really thankful I found running, or running found me, or the Lord gifted me running via my friends. It always helps me sort things out when they all get so tangled up.

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