Mar 11, 2013


The past weeks had been such a busy one for me. That kind of busy that Only I know.

Anyhoo, the experiment gives some interesting feedback. I guess it's on that phase of -- so what to do next?!?

So I guess that's why I'm feeling in limbo today because there are not "one possibility" to explore. It's still a long way from a finished product. But I think that's what is my / our concern -- what is its finish product? So what really is it -- is it some photo/story sharing or another more sustainable product/service?

Either way, it will be a long ultramarathon haul. But hopefully we can finally found one definite goal to work on.

In this kind of moment, when there's no solution yet, the best one will be to have a good torture run to kill unnecessary worries and neural connections! :)

(waiting for this puto cheese recipe to get all done)


Ppip said...

So far, I like what I'm seeing. In the long run, pun intended, I'd like to see organize a big annual run in Cebu (or some other city).

And what's this craze about puto cheese? I'm seeing a lot of it as well here in the office.

test said...

thanks for confirming our thought. we're thinking of that. it's like the least risky move to do but very very tedious i could just imagine. if i can avoid it, i will. hehehe