Mar 20, 2013

PRIVACY POLICY -- not even bored people will read

Fred messaged about an email from facebook requiring us to put up a privacy policy ASAP for We had made the sign-up process for via facebook for now -- reason maybe in another post. So I made one in a rush. 

Inspired by Automattic, wordpress creator, of making their privacy policy available to be used by others. I'm also posting this privacy policy I made for Note that I gather "inspiration" from the following web apps:
* Wordpress - -- I always admire how wordpress evolve. They're not the glitzy kind of blog service provider but I'm always amaze at how they grow their service. They're not the type who integrates all the new hip trend right away. But once they add it to their service, it's very well-done and sensible that it feels that they really thought through it before giving it to the public.
* 37Signals - -- They're one of the best "content designer." Looking at their web apps, there's nothing so smashing about it. But it's their blend of visual and content design that gives it oommpphhh. I love how they craft their "texts."
* Instagram - -- Because facebook owns them. So their privacy policy must be so tuned-in with facebook.
* Twitter -- -- because I love twidder! =) But with how "free" their app before, their privacy can be a tad complicated.
* Yahoo! flickr -- -- Because they're older than google. They must have the wisdom. Surprisingly, how complicated can their service be but their policy is a breeze to read.
* Piclyf -- -- Because I can! They're from PH so I was thinking maybe there is something unique to PH. But none. It looks like we have the same inspiration -- wordpress.

So the final product, which may not be at all final. Anyhoo, after reading here and there policy, I think the gist is just to let the community that we'll not be making money out by selling their information. And, in between lines, different services have different way of saying it. 
At, we provide a venue for active people to inspire others, and find events where they can be more active. It's already quite a privilege that you, passionate people, are and will be using our service. Thus, there's no way we are going to exploit your goodness.

Following is a privacy policy for your perusal. If you feel certain parts of it are not agreeable with you, feel free to message us (see contact details at the bottom). 


Website Visitors

For those who will just be browsing the content of visit, no personal information (e.g. name, address, email, etc) we'll be gathered from you. But we detect data of how you access our website, like IP address, operating system, browser, etc. This is so we'll know how we can provide the best experience of our site (e.g. if you're using a mobile gadget, a mobile version of our site would be provided to you.)

Registered Users

The is a web application which has features that are available to registered users. Some of these features enable you to personalize your usage of

To register, you need to create an account in which we gather basic personal information: name, birthday, city, etc. But the minimum information we require for you to create an account with is email address, which we do not display or share on public.

These information would be mainly used to link the personalization / contents you posted on our website to your account. Therefore, they're mainly used so we can put credit to the contents you posted on the website. does not sell, rent, or share your personal information with other parties, unless explicitly approved by you. 

You can delete any time your account with us.


As part of our service, we will contact you from time to time via email for product / service updates. 

User content

You can create and post content on Your content will be publicly available, and can be shared by others.

Content rights belong to you. You can delete them any time you want from our site.


We use third-party vendors and hosting providers to store your content. 
Though owns the code, databases, and all rights to the our application, you retain all rights to your data. 


Currently, we do not have ads system in our application. Nor we have any affiliation with third-party ad providers. 


Our system has third-party analytics tools installed for traffic and usage trend monitoring. Basic information we gather are what devices, operating system used in accessing our website.

We also gather information on which part of the website is visited. This way, we will know how we can improve our service, and which features may need to go.


We may disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances, such as to comply with law.


Because the only thing constant in this world is change. 

In case of changes, we will be announcing it on or via email. Rest assured that we will not make any changes that will disadvantage you. 


Any questions or comments to this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at, or mail us at Unit 701 7th Floor, TGU Building, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu 6000 Philippines

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