Jan 28, 2016

Foodpanda Finds (me)

The aunts and uncles commented, "Sa internet. Tanan butang kay buhaton ni day rose sa internet," was their answer when they were asked where the food came from. I wished they said that I'm "millenial." :)

I always had this itch to use new service apps when it became available locally. It feels like "really this is happening in Cebu, Philippines?!?" I tried grabtaxi, and uber. I'm leaning more on uber for the convenience of having not to think about "paying" because it kinda happens in the background -- it removes the guilt of not giving out tips. :) 

I wanted, for a long time, to try foodpanda but there's just no right occassion for it until my mother's wake. St. Peter in Imus is situated "awkwardly" like there's no direct jeepney route that passes through it, No known nearby carenderia's or restaurants. I mean the people I would ask to buy food would have to roam around first to find them. 

So the internet in me tried foodpanda. The first order i made was ngohiong and puso from Lotching's. My relatives were so amazed that i can order on internet "puso" and "ngohiong." But I purposely ordered them because they're not that expensive so that if it failed, I would not lose much.

And surprisingly, the service was fast. Foodpanda would send SMS and calls to update you with your order -- from confirming to delivery. Somehow, they made you feel "secure." And orders arrived fast. If the supplier has delivery staff, it will be their staff; if none, foodpanda delivery staff will do the job. I kinda prefer the foodpanda staff to do the delivery, they're much quicker.

The only downside of foodpanda is that the number of order per dish is limited. Like I can only order 20 puso in 1 transaction so if I want 50 puso that's like 3 transactions. But i guess it's for the best of all the parties involved.

So onto the title of this post, the new food finds i like which I discovered via foodpanda are:
* Ngohiong from Lotching's. It was first time to try it and  we like it. 
* The boneless lechon from Tatang's was also good -- they have a way of making the skin's crispiness last for some time.

I wish it's available in Consolacion. But i'm thankful that it's not or else my cooking skills can no longer be found. 

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