Jan 30, 2016

Managing Ad Online

I guess it's more than a year that we'd been planning to dispose the L300.  It was not much been used since Mark doesn't bike that much anymore.

We tried selling it via word-of-mouth first -- through relatives and friends of relatives and friends of friends. There were a few interested ones but somehow they won't push through at the last minute.

Anyhow, it's already 2016, the need to dispose it just became "urgent." Since I have more time on my hands now, there's just no excuse of no one taking care of selling it.

So I resorted to the friend I know best who can help me -- the internet. =) I then found myself posting on different online sites --,, facebook. I have a paid account of for some time in support of the friends running it. =) I got the cheapest Ad Boost package of, and paid the minimum for fb ad. Then, I thought wow, this is probably how an AD MANAGER feels like. I felt like making a career out of it.

I was planning to post on more sites because I'm desperate to get rid of the car so that Mark will stop nagging me. But then texts and calls of interested "buyers" got me busy. And, then I doubt if I want to be an ad manager ever again because it entails sorting out the legit and just nosey prospects.

Anyhow, the first "contact" was kind of aggressive that the L300 was gone in less than 8 hours. It was so quick that I was not even able to make an emo over it, and say my last goodbye. The buyer was actually just living within the vicinity. If I had just known, I could have gone directly to him and save me around P500 worth of ads (which is actually not a bad cost. It pays to pay.).

Another thing I learned from the "transaction" was the different hierarchy of the "second hand buy and sell" business. So there's the very interested buyer who contacted me first, check the item, then would contact his "boss," the moneyed boss.  Apparently, the aggressive "boss" looking buyer is not yet the final boss. Then, there's the hocus-pocus of the "pricing" of the item between these "bosses." So the first person I made contact with was actually a middleman, who somehow made money from the seller and the buyer, thus the hocus-pocus on pricing.

To keep more info of the price of the L300 from the real boss, the middleman told him that he found our L300 via a newspaper ad. So much of my effort on the internet went unacknowledged. @.@ Gawd, my being millennial was insulted. =)

(Among the 3 ad sites, it was the which gave me the leads. This has been the second time that my item got sold within 24hours. This is to acknowledge to effort put into

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