Oct 18, 2013

Judge Book's (back) Cover

So I have not really made any "due diligence" in choosing Meg's books. I usually pick any thing that looks like pink and purple and colorful covers; or if not, those covers w/ spooky cute characters or cute animals. And, one thing I noticed with books for kids are their titles usually have "Diary." I wonder is it because of "diary of wimpy kid" series or kid's books usually have "diary" in their title. So anyhow, "diary" has also been one of my deciding factors in picking meg's books. Sometimes, I get annoyed with the "diary" in the title so i skip them; sometimes, out of no choice, i pick them up.

So far, she liked them all except for 2 which have cute cats on the cover. But it was not the cute cats fault. She complained the books were all texts. 

So I realized her preferred books are those, yeah, the "diary" genre with illustrations. Well, there are books without "diary" in title which have illustrations too.

Anyhow, I love picking books!!! :) 

But I guess I have to be more "responsible" parent in choosing books when I randomly read the text of the back cover of the book with a "diary" in the title; it says "battles with her mum for an iPhone..." 

What?!? So yeah, I think I'm crushing this one from the diary of book list to buy. Though, Meg swears she loves this book!

On the other thought, I should be reading all these kids books. And, maybe make a review of them, and call it "the diary of a wimpy mother reviewer."

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