Aug 21, 2016

Belayer: The Other Half of a Crag Climber

I'm Clueless to the climbing sport, I solely trust on the referrals of friends of people who can help migi. And I'm very thankful to always being led to wonderful people: Yahman, JJ, Dodong, and other staff in Vertigo Gym.

Then earlier today (Not counting the "root climbing" in Danao, Bohol last summer), Migi had his 1st outdoor rock climbing experience. And, I learned that though climbing is a solo sport, a very big part of the success, and most of all the fun of the journey (and above all things - your safety), is of the "belayer." 

Big thanks to Enie Yonson, who was referred by friends and internet, for making Migi want more of it! :) (Though, I'm not sure with the others :).)

If you want to try outdoor rock climbing in Poog or Cantabaco, Toledo, Cebu, Philippines (or mountain / nature trekking / camping), you can contact guide ENIE YONSON at (0948) 712 4875. :)

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