Sep 20, 2016

Davao 2016: I & My Daughter-in-Law

Meet my daughter-in-law, @ariannechan! :)

With our age gap, It's kinda weird why we know each other. :)  And so it's one of the reasons why I ❤️ Davao. I really don't mind being transplanted here. 


First time to arrive in Davao at night time. And, it was the same after-office-hours busy streets as before as if nothing happened just few weeks ago.


Anyhow, this is a quick overnight stay, as we'll leave early tomorrow for Bukidnon. :)

We had dinner at Little Nam, a Vietnamese resto. It's located near the BPO center of the city together with other small quaint restos in some sort of a complex / strip.

And, I committed a major food blogger faux pas when I forgot to take a photo of the guicon. @.@

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