Sep 26, 2016

[Day 4] Bukidnon-CDO: All-for-1 3-in-1

This day we're supposed to move to Pangantocan, Bukidnon. It's 2 or 3 towns away from Valencia, around 70Km travel. We're supposed to be joining a trail run, Kalatungan Ridge Ultimate Run, on Saturday morning. 

But Mark's swollen achilles worsened. I could actually just leave him at Valencia while I go on with the race but we're "all-for-one-one-for-all 3-in-1" so we decided to "move on" to CDO. 

Our last breakfast at Valencia was at their Painitan. I guess because of the renovation of their public market, their painitan's kinda affected. It was the "loneliest" painitan I'd been to. :(
Tailoring shops are like everywhere in Valencia.

really just wanted to stay in Bukidnon, but to enjoy the place, we really need Mark's foot to be not in pain. You know, trails are everywhere waiting to be explored. It's like rubbing salt to the wound to be surrounded with beautiful mountains, and you can't do any thing about it.

So off we moved to a place with taxi. :) CDO is probably the city in Mindanao that I have been to most so I was really not much looking forward to it. Plus, I feel that CDO feels like Cebu (so much feels in this sentence).

I was craving for "prow-ven" before leaving Valencia but I did not get any before boarding the bus.
This mushroom turned greasy at Circa in CDO satisfied that craving. Thinking about it, CDO is now an exciting destination. 
One of the reasons why i was hesitant to move to CDO because we're bound to just go on a food trip especially when we're staying in Red Planet (Tune hotel before), which is surrounded by mallssss. 

I cannot describe how disappointed I was with not being able to join the trail run. So to make up for it, I signed up to whatever upcoming fun run I came across in CDO, even if it was as "corny" as me. 

Angst pabebe
Arriving in CDO this day, I could claim that I got to cross Mindanao from south to north. 

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