Sep 24, 2016

[Day 3] Valencia, Bukidnon 2016: Years-Worth of Throwback Photos

Being in the middle of very big mountains, grand plans are waiting! First on itinerary was jog to Musuan Peak from the Valencia town proper we're staying then back. Breakfast, then visit / chill at Lake Apo. It's going to be a LAKE TO SUMMIT DAY!!!

I was awaken at 2am with the gushing of water from the faucet at the bathroom. It was Mark trying to "ice" his "achilles tendonitis." Of all the times that it showed up, it happened when we were surrounded with trails and natures where it would require a lot of time on foot. Yes, his foot decided to swell when we arrived in Mindanao. @.@ How convenient!?!?

So no jogging happened but we tried to take it literally one step at a time, until his foot could no longer take it. 

We still proceeded with Lake Apo. Mindanao people really love to name their places "Apo" like Mt. Apo, and then this Lake Apo. It's claim to fame is that it's the cleanest lake in Philippines.
If you're not into swimming, there's nothing much here. If I had to do it again, I would trek it from the highway to the lake to make it more enjoyable. But here are some ways you can entertain yourself:

Buy home-made delicacies from the women who seem to be the caretakers of the lake. You can also ask them to cook meals for you.
Rent this floating cottage. P300+ if you want to be towed around the lake. Lesser price like P100 if you just want to sit on it.
Then you can take all kinds of photos for 1-year supply of instagram posts and throwbacks. 

One photo for my crochet instagram account.
Then another 1 for my "running" account, My one and only yoga pose. Credit to the #instagramhusband who was able to take this pose which I was probably able to hold for 1 secondsss.

Lunch time, we moved out from the Lake Apo. This time, Mark really looks in more pain.

Musuan Peak plan became blurry. But we just thought we could just wing it out. And, it's really hard to miss it because it's that one "sore thumb" standing out in Valencia like always calling you to visit her.

After few steps, Mark gave up. I was sad to leave him behind.
But most of all, i was saddest because no one can take yet another 1-year supply of look-at-me-now photos. :( 
Musuan Peak is actually a quick trek. It's level of "difficulty or ease" is like Mt. Manunggal in Cebu when you start trekking it from highway (only it's shorter. I think out-and-back is 5Km or less.)

Some random photos I took along the way.

But first let me take a #selfie!
Ended this day with a meal at Manna x Quail. It's Mark's favorite, and so to make him happy, we had dinner there.

Their coffee is good. It deserves to be drunk(sp?) BLACK! :)

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