Sep 13, 2012

13th Anniversary: Relationship for Convenience?

Mark: Bati'g nawong!
Me: Nailad! =)

It's our usual "tease" to each other. We can actually be more brutal than that. But it's our way of expressing "love."

Mark never sugarcoats.

I'd  been asking him if I'm her moon, her star, her sun? And, he always said NO.

I'd been asking him why cannot he say he'd cross the mountains, and swim seven seas for me just like in the songs and in the movies; why can't he say I'm the center of his universe. He'd reply because he'd never do that to any one.

When we're still gf-bf, I'd be hurt a bit because why he could not say sweet stuff like in movies / books / songs even if he would just fake it. But came marriage and 3 kids in-a-row, there are more things to sweat about than me being more beautiful than the moon and the stars, and the Miss Universes combined in his eyes.

But from time to time, I would ask him just for fun, to tease him, and still I got the same answers. Then, we'd agreed that since he does not see any thing special about me, we're probably having some relationship for convenience. It means that the love universe did NOT connive that we got into a relationship. It's just that at that moment, it's the most convenient thing to do -- he was single and I was single, and we happen to like the idea of having a relationship with no particular type of person. It's not because there was some love at first sight, or that he saw the stars and moon in me. And, we're still together until now because it's convenient thing to do. As Mark would say that why would you make it complicated and difficult.

Last week, I asked him again as a way to remind that September 10 is nearing, which is our anniversary as bf-gf. I got the same answer.

AHA! Then I thought maybe that is what is TRUE LOVE. True love is when you just simply love someone for no reason at all; stick with someone though you don't see any thing extraordinary or special about him / her.

Love is like that tattered smelly ugly stuffed toy you cannot live without, who you wouldn't trade for any thing better or worse. =)
Photo by: anador Rose
Happy 13th year of convenience, Mark John! Because love is passe.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. 13 years! Congrats, Rosie! More love, more sex, more happy days with the husband and the kids :)