Sep 5, 2012

The Week That Was 3

I have to do this in a hurry as I will not be back until Sunday, and I don't want to leave without posting this.

I brought the 2 boys to a barbershop before their Buwan (or is it Linggo) ng Wika culmination so they would have a clean cut for their presentations.

This pic was taken while Meg and I were waiting for the boys to be done with their haircut. I realized how I'm so "dark" already. I don't have problems with it though.
We made some DIY pizzas. I used the pita bread as the dough the kids would deck with whatever toppings they can think of. The winner for them is the hotdog/cheese/spag sauce. With Meg is chocolate spread and choco bits for cookies.

Finally, I got started making the "vertical garden" using coconut husk (bagol). Meg helped out in making holes on them.
Migi harvested again 2 peas from his monggo plant. He'd been eagerly waiting for them to turn black and dry.
showing off the monggos he got
I'd been starting to review Mati for his 1st periodical exams this week. And, Migi was doodling again on Mati's paper.

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