Sep 25, 2012

Of Yet Another Baby: Just Publish it!

I often find myself involved, without much choice, in Mark's different projects. I guess, sometimes, people would probably wonder what exactly I'm doing to be always beside Mark. I guess it's just in this year that I stopped being around.

It's hard to explain what I do. But most of the time, I'm the taker of the unfilled position. In rare times, a project would succeed then I would exit. Sometimes, they failed, then, again, I would exit.

So now I'm yet in another new project. This time, I felt I'm really old. Gone is my naive-ness. I kinda have a blueprint of how things will start, will work, and will go through "throes of sorrow," will go big. There's no success, as there will always be bigger success. I guess we can define success as being able to pass "throes of sorrow," of getting that traction. But then we all know, after that, more hardwork will come.

And, there's no failure. Cliche! =)

Somehow I also have a pseudo blueprint of what type of people will make a project thrive. Passionate is one. Another one is shrewdness. The latter part is actually a bit of a surprise to me, and you might disagree with me. I guess the passion keeps the fire burning, while shrewdness helps in moving things forward, to a different level.

So anyway, I'm actually getting far from what I originally thought to write about. For a project to succeed, just publish it. Which literally applies to our new project,, an online multi-media mag or whatever you call it.

Sometimes, we get entangled with best practices and right practices or whatever those rules and policies and other pressures that we get so hold-up and end up with nothing. I guess this is where shrewdness applies. We just have to have this unbelievably huge faith in ourselves that whatever stuff we shove to people will work. If not, then create and again hit the publish button.

I just have to note here that much credit should go to Armie Garde for the, as this is originally her brainchild. =)

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