Aug 22, 2015

Geeks on a Beach, Boracay Day 2: Dakong Amihan Home

I'm It's rare that I really get to fall inlove with an accommodation. And, Dakong Amihan Home probably tops it off of the few that I really love. It's no-frills because it's more of a backpacker's place, a boutique hotel kind-of, and bed & breakfast genre kind of accommodation.

I wish all my future accommodations will be like this.

The view when we go out of our room.
It has book shelves in some corners of the house. It's really like a house.
The dining area. Though, you can also request to have it in your room's balcony.

This is definitely my dream house peg. I want my dream house to have a porch where I can sit, and watch the world goes by.
This accommodation is located across the D' Talipapa entrance. Dakong Amihan Home contact information:

I was wishing to just stay in our room for the rest of the day but we needed to be Geeks on a beach. :)

The majority of the day was spent at Crown Regency for the tech conference, Geeks on a Beach. This has became an annual tradition for us. I hope we can attend it every year.

For my blog post of the Day 1 of Geeks on a Beach, please check :)
Mon Ibrahim of DOST is really getting "cuter" every GOAB.
Tina Amper, bow to this girl! 
We thought that there's too many "geeks" at the hotel, so We went out for lunch, a "karenderya" just across the hotel, Dapogan Cafe.
We went to Station 1 after the conference to look for Globy Travelling Chef. I'd been wanting to visit this place the last time we're here but having kids with us at that time, we did not like to get experimental with food. But I think we got off too far from our destination so to entertain ourselves, we had some Jonah's shake. And, i think, the shake is worth being in your Boracay itinerary.

It was a bit of challenge of finding Globy Traveling Chef. It's address is Station 1 but i think it's closer to D' Mall of Station 2. What i mean is that it's probably better to start your search from D' Mall than from the Willy's Rock. But either way, the view of finding it is just worth it. 

Globy is a fusion restaurant of international cuisine. Mark had all sorts of grilled meat, while I had pad Thai.
Honestly, I just find the food so-so owkei but Mark like it though. I probably need to order the other food before I give a final verdict. :)

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