Aug 7, 2015

P0rn P0rn

I think I've seen too much p0rn / s3x for this week. Aside from the usual dose from CSI Las Vegas, I watched The Escort, then the Hot Girls Wanted (I think both are indie-ish movie/docu).

When you have kids, p0rn takes a different meaning. I mean it's like on the top of the list of things you do not want your kids to be exposed to over processed hotdogs.

But I doubt that my kids are still innocent from it. With their access to the internet, they probably have (hopefully just a vague) idea of it. Just seeing the "chat room" of the clash of clans of my kids with their playmates, their "words" can be sometime really foul though I hope that there's no real meat behind them. (In fairness, I don't (yet) see my kids participate in the chat room.)

I mean when I was a kid, my friends or maybe including me can talk dirty but there's nothing to it but we know that it's bad and that we know when NOT to use them.

Anyhow, I think I have an early exposure to p0rn, maybe grade school. My first exposures were probably the Tanduay / White Castle calendars of the sari-sari store of my Lolo, and then my uncle used to run "beta-han" ("movie house" in the house using a betamax player) and a "billiar-an" and "computer-an" (think of atari / nintendo / sega / PS players) back in Badian where all the "bugoy" boys could be found and where I sometimes helped out. Funny, I never learned to play billiards and the only "memorabilia" I got from the "computer-an" is a pair of damaged eyesight. Well, I know how to knock the turtle in Super Mario for hundred lives but it's pretty useless to impress my kids these days. Well, I could feel pretty confident around boys labelled as "delinquent" (because they're always absent from school) -- the usual students used by teachers as examples of bad students. Looking back,  they're harmless - they might end up as drivers or conductors of bus / habal2x, and then I met them again in my highscool / college days to adulthood riding the bus. =)

I could not recall someone who really turned out to be notoriuos, and if they did, we're "cool" because we're friends - like I let him play for extra minutes of Tekken or a few free rounds of billiards back then. =)

And, I started reading those sleazy romance pocketbooks once I learned how to read big English words (like Grade 3) -- thanks to my mother's and my uncle's girlfriend for the supply. But I had to hide reading them because my mother forbade me. And, looking back at it now, I think it was trashy and such a waste of time but then hey at least I could still be categorized as "reader."


Based on my experience, cute little kids are not really that all "angel" innocent. (I mean I was cute kid I think.)

With internet and handy gadgets, it's just i-dunno-how-you-can-ever-stop-it unless we move to Cuba but then Cuba is already starting to become an open country.

Well, I just really hope that my kids can learn how to navigate well around this issues - that they can separate the bad and the good and any thing in between.

I mean it's tricky; watching the "Hot Girls Wanted," you cannot really judge the p0rn stars nor the viewers and there's no clear indication that they'd turned out to be those. But then I guess you just have to have the respect - respect to the stars, and also respect to yourself of knowing when it's...

Well, I don't know how to say it like respect yourself to not be a prostitute but it's like also saying prostitution is degrading.

Yeah, whatever.

Or maybe, just don't be a pervert so you will not be perverted?!

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