Aug 25, 2015

Geeks on a Beach Trip, Boracay Day 3: choice paralysis

I really have nothing much to say but for documentation purposes. Here are some random photos of our 3rd day in Boracay, Day 2 of GOAB.

I hoarded some GOAB shirts designed by Happy Garaje. It's kind of a collection now since I have GOAB shirts since its 1st edition. Also, I always take the chance of buying shirts designed by Happy Garaje before they become extremely popular and get pricey. :)
Quickie hang out with the cool kids of Cebu startup scene. :)
Coffee at Gusto y Gusto. :)
Brave the strong winds to get some food, which is always a choice paralysis moment in Boracay. 

We ended up in Real Food, an Indian resto, which is actually owned by an Italian who also owns Aria and a Thai resto in Boracay.

I guess we're just not that Indian-savvy. There was nothing in our order that I like. :( 
Well, the chai was okay. :)
And the seats are comfy!

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