Jul 26, 2012

a more varied routine and growing?

There was a time last year when I got to visit different HR heads of different companies, and it happened that probably 30-40% of them were batchmates and schoolmates. I found it a bit weird when I see them all in chic-y formal get-up with all that professional-executive-look makeup, when the last time I saw them they were all in shirt and jeans, and making "tambay" at school with banana-q's in one hand and notebooks and xeroxed copies on the other, with loud voices.

Then, suddenly, I saw them all dignified and who speak with authority in their offices. I found myself mute, and groping for ways on how to deal with their new image. You know that awkward moment -- I was about to shout at them and talk like we're just in the Gaisano / Batibot tambayan but instead just produced a "formal" smile to go with the ambiance.

In a way, they made/make me feel that I'm stuck when it comes to career growth. Especially when it got to the part where titles and such were discussed, and I had not much concrete thing to say about myself.

But anyway, I had enough of that drama.

Before, I always had a hard time saying I'm a housewife because I think I'm giving it injustice.

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