Jul 16, 2012

Imagining Myself as a Yeast

I'm not sure if I should be happy / proud of myself that I skip the yummy stuff, and ordered a lonely veggie salad. I always look at "health conscious" eaters as boring as a dead grass. I mean what's the fun of chewing on leaves. Counting hair strands appears to be more exciting.

Let me clarify that I'm NOT aiming to be a pure vegan. They would actually say meat is good, but strive to get the organic meat. The internal organs of animals are actually rich in nutrients that are good for us. It's the feeds and injections and genetic mutations implemented on the animals that are not that good for us. That's why some people would go for pure vegan to skip the toxic from the meat. (Fish is another story.)

One of the main things that health / food books / articles, I read, are against is SUGAR, refined sugar. It's one of the things that causes inflammation (they would say that diseases like hypertension, diabetes, etc are inflammation). So my aim is to skip refined sugar. 

Anyhoo, last week, Mark and I went to Figaro. We're not hungry but we just went there to have that quick "together" moment (yaah, corny). We do always see each other, but it's different when it's just the 2 of us, that thing you know, which comes far in between.

It took me a few minutes to say my order as the fraps and iced coffees and muffins are calling me. But I closed my eyes, and think of myself as a yeast. Yeast is an ingredient in bread, which made it grow. Sugar feeds yeast, which makes the bread "grow". Salt kills yeast. So every time an urge for me to overindulge on sweets, I would imagine myself as a yeast, and no; I don't want my insides to grow much bigger. Sometimes it helps.

Last week at figaro somehow meant big deal to me. As it's the 1st time that my "yeast imagination" really worked. I felt a bit victorious over myself, that finally I was gaining some control over my sugar-whore self.

But then a part of me was also mourning. As they say food lovers are the best people to be around. Ownose, I no longer have any chance on being cool. Well, I'm still a food lover, almost-real food lover.


Therese Habana said...

Good for you! I will die without sugar. I just can't do it!

rose buenconsejo said...

it's a constant struggle! magkilaw ko'g milo ig kagabii, DMD!

karenjen ♥ said...

therese, live with my husband and he will drive you crazy! pa ko hangtod karon bah kay usahay, malipong ko unya mosangko's langit akong kasuko kung bawalan ko nya sa akong mga cravings, even with a muffin i baked! super ka health-conscious. i can live with no salt, no sugar, but don't tell me what not to have for desert or that i must eat leafy greens 3 times everyday! mabuang ko...haha

rose buenconsejo said...

karn, i would love to pick ur husband's brain re food!

karenjen ♥ said...

hahay rosee sometimes i think he's extreme. if he can have it, as you pointed out, we should live in the past and source all of our foods naturally and organically. it has its benefits, and its risks, in my opinion.

rose buenconsejo said...

COOL!!!! =)

rose buenconsejo said...

i believe we need more of him! =) hehe ask him daw unsa book re food iya fave? basin makakita ko diri, i want to read more.

karenjen ♥ said...

mostly sauteed veggies rosee...very little oil, and it has be olive or extra virgin olive oil. no to deep frying. we can have shrimps once or twice a month lang very high sodium content. we do not eat tocino :(, corned beef (once in a blue moon ra ni intawn), and bacon (this is a treat when we travel, but once or twice in the duration of the travel ra). we eat meat once a week, and how we cook fish is by steaming in water mixed with herbs and olive oil. we mostly have tossed salad, but the dressing is the one i make, (olive oil with lemon juice, olive oil w/ balsamic vinegar or olive oil w/red wine vinegar or i experiment sometimes with herbs, mustard). he prefers feta cheese but if ala sale sorry sya i just put parmesan cheese or none at all. dried, powdered basil leaf works best too. we eat lots of chick peas, lentils (makabusog jod sya in fairness) cooked in tomato sauce (diri ala choice but to buy from the store, i have yet to learn how to make ours) and we eat lots of spinach (mura og alogbati sa atoa.)