Jul 26, 2012

Why Don't We Like hardwork?

I mean we are all hardworking. We cannot be in this state if people did not work hard for it. We always work hard so that things / future and present can be easier for us.

But I'm thinking more about the interconnectedness of every thing in this earth. Looking more into / about "food," it makes every thing is connected -- that thing called circle of life.

I go out run into the 'mini' mountain areas of Consolacion, then as I go nearer to the main road, I'll see pipes from villages / subdivisions (including ours) and SM flushed to the river. This waste goes to the sea or sipped by the soil. Fish eats trash, plants drink the water. Then, humans eat them all.

We have this "systematic" garbage collection system in the thought that our own backyard is clean in the most efficient way. But this garbage is kept in some landfill which unknowingly just leaked into some farm. Then, it all goes back to us.

I probably have read too much hippie books about food and such that I felt such a very self-righteous nuts!

After reading a few a lot of books about food and health, it seems that just eating healthy is not a long-term solution. We only have control of what we buy, but before buying those, we have no control of what happen to those plants.

So the long term solution would be to get loose and be a caveman -- free from all unnaturalities. You go out, eat what you can find along the way, then rest, and repeat the cycle. We cannot hoard food as there's no point as they get spoiled since we don't have any refrigerators.

But we do not like that, it seems to be a lot of hardwork for 'pity' stuff. We're meant to do greater things like invent mobile phones or computers.

I mean humans natural instinct is to be efficient. Efficient way of gathering food, then once we have an efficient way of doing things, we then look forward to make it more efficient like spraying pesticides which we then also consume, then more efficient, until it's too efficient, that we are left with nothing much to do but complain that it's still not efficient enough, or almost with nothing to do we got bored.

And, how about taking into consideration the "side effects" of having too efficient system and tools? Really, I don't know where do we get all those stuff to turn into electronic gadgets, and where to throw them after they get broken or outdated less than a year? All these to spare us from doing "hardwork."

Wouldn't life would mean much when we can just go wander to eat, rest, f*ck organically like cavemen! Then wander more, eat a different variety, f*ck more. It's what we really work hard for.

Worry about future? Why bother -- it's not ours in the 1st place. Somehow we're trained to think that the future is the big thing. What happen to living in the moment.

Well, this was supposed to be about food. Owkei, so I learned to make bread, edible enough to not poison me. So anyway, our bread is the basic bread -- no fillers to make it delicious. Ate Mona was complaining why are we not adding those ingredients to make it more delicious. And, it's hard to explain that we really do not need to eat a lot of it.

And then there's the tendency for me to be buying and wishing to buy this and that gadget to make cooking faster and easier. Thing is do I really need to do it fast and easy so I can save more time -- more time for eating? (Owkei. I'm being OA here as I know how hard it is for housewife and mom.)

Anyhoo, I guess the reason why cavemen were meant to work hard for their food is because Lord (or whoever made / programmed us) knows that eating more or being immobile is just not us.

And, now I'm hungry after this lengthy discourse!

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karenjen ♥ said...

i know exactly what you mean rosee. we've just spent 4 glorious days at an organic farm in southern b.c. the way they compost soil for their vegetables and berries is allowing garter snakes to dwell on it, they work perfect they say! and its symbiotic because it keeps mice off the farm! but the horror of seeing snakes everyday crossing from the berry garden to the path towards the river swoons me. one time a garter snake whom i failed to see unintentionally in its crossing wrapped around my ankles as i was about to step on it. it didn't bite or emit their stink like skunks do but it freaked me out all over. their cows don't eat feeds but just grass that they let grow wild in the pasture and they aren't fertilized. but mind you, living organically and becoming organic is lots of hard work, i doubt i will have the stamina for it. it seems for convenience in life, you pay with the chances of the environment's sustainability for our children. and i somehow refuse to see the light of it, too caught up in the mentality of a cynic.