Aug 3, 2012

keeping you

Because I saw a wonderful "before" pic of me here, I'm renewing my "premium" multiply account. Premium like magnum.

I can no longer recall who took this picture. This was during some party in Xlibris, when they newly put up an office here. I used to work for a BPO, OSI, who serviced Xlibris before opening an office here.

I was pregnant with my 1st baby, and I remember I was about to pop in here. At that time, I never felt so huge in my entire life.
The irony is that I'm now about that size, and I never felt so "slim" in my entire as pointed out by other people.
Yes, I'm posting this on all my social sites just so I could show off:
* How I was pregnant and "slim"
* and that basing on my 8-month pregnant self, I'm still huge

But, whatever size I'm in, I am HAPPY!!! But I don't know; I'm not really that happy when people congratulate me for "slimming" down. Am I being defensive or not? But I was not really after being slim. I just love running, yoga, and learning about food.

But if its the "physical" thing that gets inspired people, then, fine.

I guess my point is that it's hard to maintain being fit with just the notion of being glossy-magazine kind of fit. Just love what we do!