Aug 6, 2012

of dirts, worms, and celebrations

* August to October is straight months of celebrations to us. August 10 is migi's birthday, sept 1 is meg's, then my mother and mark on october. with having to party every month, we'd end up not putting up any party.

I'm not good at prepping and hosting parties. attending parties is another thing though. We rarely have parties at home. Living in 'lacion close to mark's whole clan means i need to invite the whole town when there's a party. And i thought that it would mean much more to use the money to help out a few than spending it on a party. Sometimes it's a wonder why we don't have parties for my kids. That's the reason.

Anyhoo, migi has been narrating what he wanted for his birthday. He's not the type who would talk about his self, or demand any thing for a party. Since he rarely does it, I could not help but do some extra effort... like ordering pizza and cupcakes. =) And a seedling as a giveaway? =)


* The feel of earth is therapeutic. When I started trying to grow a few plants, I (re)discover how the feel of earth is soothing, and, that worms are such beautiful creatures! Once I overfed the takakura compost pit we have, fat worms (or maggots) were showing up. They looked eeekkky, but then it's just amazing how they make our scrap turned into something valuable -- healthy soil.

A worm / garden tower would be something I wish to have / build before the year ends. Scraps can be fed into then with help of worms, vermicompost is produced. Sweet! I'm on the lookout for a handyman who can get me something like this. Or, maybe I can do my own.

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