Aug 27, 2012

The Week That Was 2

It's quite a slow week for us last week. All the babies had 2-day off. I don't know what were the holidays (Yes, I'm lame!).

Ate Mona was also off for the 2-day holiday so I think I was busy during those days I could not recall what happen. So my best guess was that I let the video games babysit for my kids.
Then, add a few threats in between to force Mati to study alphabets.

Then came Saturday, Migi and Meg had some activity at the school. It was something about for their holistic development. Anyhoo, I had to send them and pick them up from school as Mark was away in Camotes for a bike ride.

When I picked them, Meg asked to finish her food before we go home.

We tried the buko juice at the roadside while waiting for a jeepney ride.

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