Aug 3, 2012

cravings. new and old.

* I crave for sbux date with the husband. It's been our once a week ritual. It used to be figaro. But I just love starbuck. it's bitterness is just richer. Or, maybe i just read too much of sbux books. Howard Schultz' 1st book is an inspiring read.

Taken this week with Jesse at the counter. I like Jesse! =) We've been thru different sbux branches. I was just glad to see him again at their new branch, still in IT Park.
* I crave for razon's halo2x and something spicy or salty combo (rice shawarma, sizzling chef's sisig, palabok, batchoy). This combo is the best exercise for the taste buds!

* I crave for raw food early in the morning to go with my instant coffee. This comes a bit of a surprise. I'd prepare some veggie-fruit salad early in the morning. At first, it was to sympathize with my nanay's diet. But then later on, it just becomes automatic that I'd fix something raw for breakfast.
* I crave for yoga once a week. If the studio was closer, I'd love to do it more often. But travelling to the city is too much. And, no I don't like doing it on my own.

With teacher Fer, she's small but she's strong. It's her class sched I always chanced upon.

I'm aiming to at least lift my body for a (pseudo) crow pose. I think crow pose is the easiest of this variation. My weakest length is my arms. My legs is quite strong, thanks to running. Let me do any tiptoe pose, and it would be not much a problem. But let me do some easy pose with arms and I want to cry. 
* I crave for a longish run once a week. Before, I'd go for a 4-days-a-week-of-longish runs. But now, I'd settle to once a week with Mark. This has been a weekend habit. And, I think i finally saw a balance to this running thing.

I'd like to think I'm doing myself a favor. I was on a very high mileage since September last year. I need to tone down a bit. Probably by November, I'll up the mileage again for the CCM 2013! =)

* I crave to punch dough or burn something in the oven in a week. Sometimes they come out owkei, sometimes not. But one thing is sure when Ate Mona does it, it's way much better than mine.

* I crave to plant something new once a week. Sometimes they grow into something; sometimes they die into a fertilizer.

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karenjen ♥ said...

To plant our veggies rose, I put cow manure on the topsoil so weeds are less and make the soil healthier. The week we were away for vacation, they survived pretty well. So I think cow manure is a trick, no fertilizer or miracle grow needed at all.