Aug 8, 2012


I think I got this term from Dean Karnaze. It's when you schedule your vacation around races, or something like you vacation with races.

I'm not or was not fond of going to places for vacation especially when it's just Mark and I. Well, it's fun, but then I cannot help but think of the kids that are left at home.

Anyhoo, the 1st time that I agreed that we would go just the 2 of us was Camotes last year. And, it was when I met this Europian couples who were doing a bike tour on different islands of the Philippines, which then I had some "Aha!" moment. It's that kind of "vacation" I want. I want to be moving, and not lounging at the beach sipping margarita, watching the clouds pass by. Owkei, my view of vacation then was limited to what's on movies.

But after seeing that couple, I realized that there are different ways of spending a vacation. That's why after that incident, it's one of the reasons why I then started running - to build up a little endurance and strength for biking. So Mark and I can then go bike touring. But then I fell inlove with running, and the biking dream was put on hold.

Anyhoo, our 1st race-cation was Kitanglad Race in Bukidnon, which we did not make it! =) But it was fun.
Two Trees, Malaybalay, Bukidnon

These coming months, a few are lining up. Next week will be Leyte, then next will be Bohol.Both will be my firsts to be in those places. Boo me! Then by November, it will be Dumaguete! =) December, if the marathon in Ilo-ilo will push thru, I might want that. I've never been to that place too.

Next year, I'm thinking of going to races in Luzon, and maybe that All-women marathon in Malaysia, which is finally a stronger motivation for me to process our passport. =)

That made me pant! =)

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Go rose! I'm excited for you:)