Aug 28, 2012

Acquiring New Tastes

What they said that once you have a taste of the "real" version of the foods, it's just totally different from grocery-brought versions.

One of those is the cheese. Once I started getting my cheese from Cebu Dairy Fresh, which is actually already a bit processed, and the Compostela keseyo (another white cheese version) (which for me is less processed), the Magnolia quick melt cheese just loses its appeal to me. You can somehow differentiate the add-on ingredients they added tothe quickmelt cheese that you can't help but feel that probably only 20% of it is real cheese.
white cheese from Cebu Dairy Fresh sprinkled
Then, I happen to chance upon a recipe and instructions on how to make butter from scratch. Looking at it, it's not really that difficult. So I bought 1L raw milk from Cebu Dairy Fresh to experiment making butter from scratch.
raw milk from CEFEDCO / cebu dairy fresh
raw milk from Cebu Dairy Fresh at P45 / liter

You only need to let the raw milk sit at the ref overnight, then there will be these "elements" that would float at the top of the container. Scoop them up, dump it at your food processor. In my case, I use a food chopper. Then, just pulse it until some of them solidified.

From the 1L, I only managed to squeeze these much butter from it. And, the result is home-made butter is just delightful. It melts with an attitude in my mouth.
It brought life to the boring Batard bread. And, it just tastes lovely eating just the better alone.

For a more detailed instructions on how to create butter from raw milk, click here >>.

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