Aug 27, 2012


Yesterday, I watched 2 documentary films -- Bob Marley and Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

10,000 Hours
And, just with other successful people, it takes years for them to reach some sort of "success" level on their crafts. Though, according to Jiro he could not say he's already at his best as every day is a chance for him to be better.

The Dirty Part
Sometimes, we had this thinking that we wish to be successful so we will no longer be doing the dirty work. But looking at Jiro, he only stopped going to the fish market when he collapsed from some sort of heart attack. But then the fish marketing was never delegated to their interns or other stuff, the job was then inherited by his son.

In case of Bob Marley, he went through the phase of performing in cemeteries to overcome stage frights, to distributing their music on his own.

Soul and Passion
It might be just the documentary film's director trying to make Bob Marley look good but all the clips of his performances showed how soul-ful his expression is when performing. Or, maybe it was just my impression.

From the different biographies I read about extra special "successful" people, when they describe their craft, you can always feel a special connection between them and their craft that goes beyond what we can physically grasp. It's far from what is typically described by hollywood movies as successful -- the blings and the $$$.


Anyway, after watching the films, it made me think what is my craft. What is that one craft that I could relentlessly pursue to perfection and beyond?

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