Jul 5, 2012

My New Shoes

There a lot of thoughts I wanted to write down but I don't know where to start so let me start with my latest purchase. It's actually a slippers, or rubber footwear, a relative of crocs. This was the same brand from my last "decent" footwear. I tend to love this "rubber" kind of footwear as it's no biggie when they get dirty.

Yesterday, I was in Ayala from yoga. And, I saw that all stores are hanging SALE posters. So when I saw this shoe brand was on sale, i got myself one. I wanted the orange but I guess the thirty-year-old in me said it's time to retire the orange fandom.

So I got what the sales lady thought fits me best. I just could not trust myself when it comes to fashion.
Prior to getting these shoes, I got a few "fresh" stuff from Metro Gaisano's grocery. This is in line with my (trying to be) goat-ery. I do take this goat religion seriously. But offer me sweets and junks, and I'd calculate all the whore sugars in there, think twice, and still devour them all. =)

I guess a sign that I'm really taking it seriously was when Migi was asked where was his mother, and his reply was, "Tua sa merkado. Nagpalit og sagbot."

Every time, I got to be in Ayala, I'd never fail to stop by at Rustan's and Super Metro's grocery, they carry a few organic vegetables. It can really be pricey, but I'd still buy them, not really much because of the healthy part. But, more of, because I want to support their business and of promoting the so-called "organic" movement. Hopefully, time will come, when organic becomes the regular cheap thing that there's no need for label.

I realized that food or attitude towards food is sooo hard to tweak on. It's stickier than politics. Mark and I have been on and off for years of trying to achieve some level of healthiness when it comes to food. It's much much harder than running. I guess because changes in food touch all parts of us -- physical, mental, emotional, psychological, social. I would find myself at the end of day restless craving for sugar. I was used to having lots of sugar that my body was crying for it when its quota is not reached at the end of the day.

I guess it also has to do that after all the hard work just to survive, this little pleasure from yummy foods would also be taken away. As Mark would always say that food is the cheapest/easiest form of entertainment. To take it away seems to be so cruel.

In my part, it took a "death threat" for me to work on it. As I mentioned before, I brought my mother to alternative / homeopath doctors (licensed). But we stopped it, then went asking advice from the conventional doctors. And, we make up our own treatment which is actually just about foods. Homeopath and conventional doctors are at the opposite ends of the pole. They just could not meet halfway. Homeopath does not believe in conventional pills and medicines and conventional doctors also do not have much faith in alternative thought. I'm still looking for that doctor who is in the middle.

Anyway, my mother is now following a diet protocol given by her friend whose mother got well from it. The diet was randomly given by a doctor they just met who advised them to cancel her mother's operation, and instead put her on that diet. The name of the doctor is Leyson, but is not based here. And, so I'm looking for this doctor.

Thank God, my mother is doing okay. I won't say much because I don't want it jinxed. But all I can say that what they say that Food is medicine is true. It does not necessarily come cheaper than undergoing some surgery or whatnot. But it can be a good journey to get on. =) Ours actually just started.

After getting my new shoes, I signed up I and Mark for a 16k run this Saturday. This is my "comeback" after Kawasan Falls Marathon when I felt burned out from running.

My singlet size is SMALL, my first ever size small top since college(?). I love this race. =)
On a last note, my husband's Saucony Kinvara 2 shoes is for sale. Please see details here >>.

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