Jul 5, 2012

yet another 1st-day highs

This is quite a stale post. With now 3 kids to put to school, it took a bit more time to finally settle in to a routine. Before you make babies, think about this: If my kid was only 1, we could wake up 6am-ish; but with 3 kids, we have to be up by 5am-ish as there are 3 people to take care of plus we have to give time to their squabbles of who's got to do this and have that.

This was my 5th year of experiencing 1st day highs. But it was my youngest, 3rd baby's 1st day ever of / to experience school.

So honestly, I'm no longer excited with 1st days of classes. It's chaotic from waking up, feeding, add in their squabbles at home, figuring how to transport these 3 little people, to school and back home. I wanted it fastforward to August when every thing seems to settle, when routine has figured out.

An additional challenge was thrown in when the youngest did not like "school." Weird because I never encountered this kind of attitude towards school with the older 2. Migi and Meg were excited about schooling. But Mati was, "di ko school school. sige lang school school."

Anyhoo, he's quite owkei now with the school though from time to time he would absent saying "sige lang ko school school."

Other than that, Mati seems to be fine in school around girls. =)

Buying school supplies included ice creams and kiddie rides.

Mati gets to have all the hand-me-downs from both her Ate Meg and Kuya Migi. I am taking advantage that he still do not yet demand any thing what his classmates are having. So he got most of Kuya's worn out uniforms, and Meg's pink backpack because I'm using Migi's. =)
One thing that took us forever to be final about was the transportation. I really hate this part as I felt it's too much waste of time and gas. Why can kids no longer just walk to school on their own?!? There's too much gas and human resources spend on just transporting kids to school. Walking to school is fun; kids will learn a lot.

Anyhoo, Migi and Meg used to go via school's carpool. But, sometime last year, Migi complained about the carpool's sched. He'd be picked 5am-ish, and be dropped home already 6pm-ish. So we gave in to his demand, pulled him out from carpool, and instead had a suki tricycle driver to send him to school, which I also prefer as we no longer need to wake at as early as 4am. (Yes. I know it's nice to be an early riser but I don't think we'll ever be that rich to own a farm that we need to be so up early to tend the farm. But, dear Lord, can we have a forest instead please!)
So original plan was we'll have manong suki tricycle driver send them to school in the morning; then when going home, it will be via school's carpool. But weird that Mark volunteered to drive the kids to school every morning. One thing that Mark would not be is to take part with the kids' school stuff. Maybe, he now feels like doing that father part, if ever there is such thing.
But still how I wish they can just walk to school. But anyhow, it's fun to be sending them to school. It's bliss to hear their chatters and fights during the commute to school early in the morning. Mostly, it's Mati who could not shut-up.

Going home, Migi and Meg are carpooled. While Mati have to be picked up yet as his class is only 2 hrs.
The best seat evah Funny how I only thought that tuition fee is the main task when sending kids to school before. But it's actually just a tiny part of the whole.

Being the mother with the oldest and most number of kids, I've been asked many times for my thoughts about "schooling." Thing is I don't think I'm the best person to ask about schooling. After Migi got rejected from his and our very first school application, I got brokenhearted that I tend to be indifferent towards school. But most of the time, I just give out generic answers and thoughts about school.

But I guess, as a parent, we can only see what we want for them. It's hard to know the bigger factor which is what our kids really want for theirselves. So for me, the "school" is nothing to be so fanatic about. =)

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karenjen ♥ said...

they all look so cute are lucky to have them 3 although i know the work is enormous. it is hard to do what you are doing...but i still envy you :)