Jan 17, 2015


Our neighbor, whose kids are carpooling with us, gives us calendars, umbrellas, and this 2015 planner. I'm glad i did not buy any planner yet. 

It does not smell like moleskine, and i find it too stiff but it just saves me from buying one which will probably be just unused.

Anyway, there's that exciting warm feeling of seeing a blank planner. I just cannot believe a crazy year was over, then what will probably be this year.

On top of my list for this year are some grown-up stuff that i don't like to deal with but then they're problems that i prefer over other things. I'm looking for:
* "bigger" home. I just want a ready-made cookie-cutter template kind of house, Mark prefers lot then build the home which i find too complicated. Maybe because i dwell in a boarding house for 10years of my life that i always find house as something temporary, and so investing money and most of all emotion on building it is unnecessary. For me, when you build a house from the groumd, the more you get attahced it as opposed to just picking a ready-made one randomly. 
* new school for the kids. Because, i could just no longer just wing it with mateo. He's bored, and it's not his existing school's fault, and maybe a different style of teaching can save me the burden of "unboring" it for him. Homeschooling might be a better option, but i'm not that hippie level yet. :)
This post makes me cringe. :)

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