Jan 5, 2015

Starfall Never Fails

After many ways of trying to escape the reading tutorial task with Mateo, I have no choice but to do it since I really have nothing to do now. I hate giving tutorial. Despite having a teacher as a mother, I don't have any passion for it. Thus, I have been trying to evade teaching Mati to read, and just brushed it off that he could wing it.

Plus, kids' lessons nowadays are so "advanced" or different. In my time, reading started with the Filipino "ba be bi bo bu." Now they start in English using phonetics as early as preschool, and with my ba be bi bo bu background, I'm having a hard time teaching it on their current technique.

Anyhow, among my kids, I noticed that boys tend to need assistance when it comes to learning to read, while the girl, Margaret was just natural even when she was just learning to read. I remember reading was also then a struggle with Miguel. I guess I was just lucky back then because he started at a school where they were only 2 students in their class thus the teacher was able to focus on him. 

So now with Mateo, he was forced to skip a level because of K12 thus he never was able to attend the very basic ABC phase. Then since he was the youngest, no one in the house already watches Dora or Barney so he never had his basic ABC. 

Anyway, last night, Mati became an #emododong. Either, we're a bad parent or he's making drama to avoid school today. I'm not sure if it's his reading issues that trigger it most but partly it might be.

I was wracking my brains on finding a "lazy" way of teaching reading this to kid, until I remember STARFALL.COM. I used this before with Miguel to get him started reading back when he's kindergarten / preschool.
So here I am again with starfall. 

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