Jan 18, 2015

Retirement Training Days

At the end of this year, i started crocheting. From time to time, i find myself picking up a hook and stash of yarn, and printed beginner's crochet pattern.

(A valentine-themed socks but looks like another dish-cloth.)
It's not something i'm really hooked. It's more of a thing to do to make me stay away from the computer. I'm not saying it's better than internet, it's just another thing to do if i'm not on "internet." 

All my attempts at crocheting turned out to be i could not even pass as my kids' project. But i still find myself picking up the hook and yarn from time to time, and think that maybe this is a good training for my coming retirement days (though my status can be considered as "retired").

I mean we go to school for like 20 years to train for the "adult" phase. I guess it's just right to also train for tje retirement/senior phase. And just like when we went to school earlier part of our life, we did not necessarily like it. So i guess crocheting will do -- i don't really like it but it's not that bad. :)

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