Feb 14, 2016

Badian One-Night Stand: A Probinsyana Mother's Pains

You know when you're a "promdi", and how you silently laugh at a cousin or a friend's relatives who were city kids who vacationed for awhile in your "probinsya" and they look so awkward: from drinking water from the "puso" (deep well), to catching grasshoppers, to climbing and playing tag-and-it while up in the trees, to  swimming in "irrigation," how frogs and haunted-looking giant trees scared them, and how you dared them to eat kanding2x and otot2x "wild" fruits. But of course, the city kids had shinier stuff: they have more game and watch units, they have more tricks on video games, more pairs of mighty kids, and they have better access to m&m's and combos (which I only got to taste when city kids were around). To be fair, the promdi kids have probably worse stereotypes from the city kids.

So basically, this is one of my secret fears for my kids -- that they will be that awkward city kids when they get to my "turf."
And as Murphy's law said "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." The thing I fear most is happening to me. I kinda have kids who perfectly fits the city kids stereotype. What can you expect when their father is also one. 

So city kids be like:
I will bring all my thingmajigs Just in case, something goes wrong in this 5-minute adventure.
Oh look, goat, chicken, cow! I'm seeing them in real life, and not in heyday!
"I conquer you, Fruit!" Does PVZ have coconut?
Oh will we get lost? Is there a restart button?
That was a lot of hardwork, we deserve refreshments: siakoy,
(Spot the twins in this photo.)
Ice cream!

Actually, city kids are not that bad! A longer overnight next time!

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