Feb 3, 2016

Movie Review: Everything About Her: it's not you, it's me

It has all the element of a Pinoy typical box-office movie: romcom with a bit of rich-guy-struggling-girl, a bit of slapstick, child-parent drama, crying, shouting, singing. 

The movie made me cry in some parts, which means it has its good moments. But overall, I'm disappointed (and i really wish i don't need to say that to think i have low standards, and in support of local movies.).

But I guess It's not the fault of the movie but more of mine. I had just set the wrong expectation. I was expecting its quality to be at the level (or more) of Vilma's previous movie, Anak, with Claudine Barreto. Plus, I was greatly motivated to watch this as I thought I could relate to it with my nanay's recent experience.

On actors, I felt it has all the wrong actors. The movie story kinda lack of depth (it feels like star cinema wants to meet all the Pinoy blockbuster requirements of crying-fest drama and slapstick humor making the movie mediocre) for Vilma Santos' talent. And Vilma's brand just made Angel Locsin and Xian Lim's great acting moment so-so. Vilma swallowed them without even an effort. It would be nice to see Claudine and Jericho with Vilma but they will be an overkill for a "not so developed / lack of depth" story.

They can replace Vilma instead with some so-so mature actor or a great actor whose aura is not so strong to compensate for the so-so story. 

I can sense Vilma Santos role her is kinda inspired by Mayumi Nanjo of Atelier with the pencils on her table. Her assistants lack character though.

Angel Locsin, this character I was really looking forward to. But putting her on a 24/7 caregiver duty is just unrealistic. If Vilma's role was supposed to be smart, she would employ at least 3 shifting caregivers and put angel as the "care manager." But it's a movie... Her character is just not that calm and relax for a caregiver on tough situations of Vilma.

Xian Lim. I'm not a fan of him. The way his character is created is just too "not manly" therefore just fit xian lim.

And the story of kids being left by parents churva is so-so. Actually this kind of Pinoy storyline should take a rest. It's causing more damage to the Pinoy (making the parentless kids feel like a victim) but they won't let it rest because it's the perfect recipe to make the audience cry. 

I love Joyce Bernal's romcom movies. She definitely was able to pull-off the romcom parts, but the rest which probably need more depth than romcom just ended being romcom. 

The best part is that Vilma's final diagnosis was sensible. The only part of the movie I was able to relate.

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