Feb 9, 2016

Sprain Specialist Ankle

My right ankle is already a sprain specialist. I keep a diary of posts here of its "experiences."

Anyhow, the last trip it had was last Friday. It was after a wonderful day with #titasofcebu and great coffee from Kapehan Ceferina, on soft opening at their coffee shop in Cabancalan, Mandaue, cebu (beside Europa Hotel) when it decided to make its presence felt in the early part of 2016. I was on my of getting a cab from a good night at Kapehan Ceferina when I dived into the "sidewalk." Thankfully, Friends were nearby and thankfully more franee and karla drove me home.

So back to the sprain specialist ankle, amazingly, it healed fast this time (BUYAG! Knock on wood.). Maybe after a lot of trips, it somehow learned a trick or two in healing itself fast. Also, I gathered a few tips and tricks along the way from the bystanders, who were unfortunate to witness my accidents.

So here are some tips for your sprains:
Before any thing else, when you fall down from the unexpect sprain, don't move or do any thing until the pain subsides or you're able to control it. Because moving or getting yourself up right away can alleviate the pain, and might result to fainting based on experience. So it can be humiliating to be down on the floor or dirt sprawling but just embrace it until you get a better hold of pain. Then,
1. Ice it right away, then elevate it. As corny as it is, RICE (rest, ice, elevate. I forgot the C) works. This tip I got from a school nurse who once rescued me.
2. Apply vicks on the affected area, stick some "atis" leaves on it and wrap a bandage around it. I usually do this overnight (and daytime if i feel like it). This tip I got from a bystander, who was scared looking at me wrenching with pain on a dirt alley. It seems to work on controlling the swelling or maybe it's just placebo effect but they perfectly worked on me.
Repeat icing (15mins), and step 2 as you like it.
3. And chill with coffee. For no-frills handcrafted good coffee, please drop by at Kapehan Ceferina.

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