Jun 9, 2016

[SG Day 3] The Blogger

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[SG Day 2] Local Finds

The blogger posed at Macritchie Trail (MRT). 
I have a love-hate relationship with the place we're staying at SG because train station is bus stops away, and it's quite off from the city center. So travel is a bit of 1st-world inconvenience, having to mix buses and few train lanes transfers before you reached the city center (not that we always go there). Plus there are monkeys loitering in the area / bus station but i think the monkeys are more of love. :)

But all those "hate" would go away after having a quick jaunt at MacRitchie Trail, which is just across the place we usually stay in SG.
(Entering Macritchie trail from our area is like teleporting from the very urban city to the "forest.")
I know we have a lot of this back at home, our trails are way even prettier even Singaporeans would agree. But a manicured trail complete with toilet and water stations and directional maps and signs in the middle of the city is like wow for this #3worldgirl probinsyana girl, and PERFECT FOR BLOGGER ACTION POSES.
The trail is routed around the Macritchie Reservoir so it has a pretty view right after your trek around the trail. 
But a more peaceful area of the reservoir is at the Lornie Trail area as it has less people.
And just like that you're back to the highway. (There are many trail routes with different distances in MRT as short as 5k; the longest is probably around 15k. For a longer one, I think what locals usually do is connect to Bukit Tima through paved roads, and what seems to be the back areas of houses and buildings. I did it once and I could not help but think why do I have to be awkward going through the back of the houses or buildings serving as trail pathways when we have definitely have a better one back home.)
I've never been to Sentosa, Universal Studios, Night Safari and other attractions of SG but I visit MRT every time I get the chance to be here because I love nature. Kidding! I frequent here because it's FREE. As Mark would say, "enjoying the Singaporean's richness they work hard for." 

The blogger posed with the window. @.@

Our airbnb we're staying has a beautiful window. I wish I could steal it and take it home with me. 

The blogged turned #foodblogger pose.

What's the chance of having a cousin-in-law got married to a grade school classmate of mine in Badian?!? 

(Nakadulhog daw mi sa among bukid.)

We had coffee and brunch at this place owned by a syphon barista champion, Stranger's Reunion. Cindy and I talked a lot that I forgot to pay attention to my coffee that seriously all I could say, which is probably unfair, that I could not tell much difference from what is served at Micky's Cafe here in Cebu. Among the manual brewing, I think Syphon is on top of my list (but still if done right. #chos).

The blogger posed at the Split Type aircon alley. 

Making the most of getting lost...
The blogger posed as travel blogger at Everton Road.
This place has so many pretty doors. 
They're prettier than the blogger. :)
The blogger posed at Haji Lane.

After getting disappointed by not being able to get any coffee beans from
Nylon roastery, Cindy brought us to Haji Lane because it was something like Everton Road, perfect for more blogger poses. Haji Lane is a like a food / fashion strip. There were a few hip coffee places and restos but we were just so full yet so all we did was pose.

The photoblogger.
There was a leather bag shop that really smells good. The smell of the shop was really good. Thankfully, all I did was smell. =) The prices were okay though.
While we were walking there, my mind kept saying that this place is very familiar, that it felt that I'd been there already. It was later on that I realized that an ad of Visa featuring Haji Lane kept popping up in my instagram feed, when I was busy stalking #fashionbloggers. @.@

We went to another a must stop, Novena, for sporting gears. But thankfully, there was no interesting stuff on sale. 

So the blogger went home and posed as #travelblogger on Peak hours. 


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