Jun 10, 2016

[SG Day 4] How Old Are You On Your 1st Train Ride ALONE?

I was so happy to be riding a train for the very first time on my own alone self! It was like a "Eat, Pray, Love" moment for me! Being able to make it in on my own getting the right bus to the right train station to the right train carriage was Achievement unlocked. 

So I snapped a selfie of myself inside the train, and was on the process of bragging it on the worldwideweb "insert amazing moment caption #blessed FIRST TRAIN RIDE BY MY OWN AT AGE ?!?!?." 

And I stopped midway of posting that historical train ride selfie, when I was like what, FIRST TRAIN RIDE AT AGE OF 35?!? 35?!? 35?!? Really 35?!? Dafuq 35?!? Do I get it right?!? Is it really 35?!?

And the supposed victorious moment turned sour, and into a multi-emotions of someone going thru mid-quarter-life crisis. So now that you ride a train on yourself at 35, what does it make you now?!? Are you now making the world a better place?!?

Remembering the kids riding buses alone, is being able to ride the train alone at a bit old age makes me less of a person?!?
Well there are other older people who probably have not been on a train yet. It's not right to judge a person based on riding a train alone and age, right?!? Yes, definitely not! 

Rose, you're 35, I better know how to choose my battles right! Definitely, this meaning-of-life-based-on-train-rides is definitely a battle I should get off. So there, slay! 

Here's a better battle: which of these 2 selfies should I post? Or maybe I should photo collage them?
World peace!


Concrete jungle of HDB

We went to a coffee bean roaster located in an HDB. This was the 2nd coffee roastery and cafe in 1 that we visited in SG. One thing in common is that both are located in HBD.
The Old 3rd Wave and New 3rd Wave Coffee Culture Side-by-Side: Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

In this side, you can get the coffee beans used in traditional Singapore Kopi Tiam. The beans here are way cheaper like SGD1.40/100gram. But I learned that coffee beans in Kopi Tiam are not pure. They're mixed with sugar and other stuff during roasting.
Beside is the more hip, where you can get those single origins and house blends coffee beans.
It was fascinating to see the starking difference of the 2 shops. The "old shop" was managed with the older generations. :)
No-frills. Their customers here are also the old people buying beans in boxes, and loading them to their vans.
While the new coffee shop was manned by young gens. They're probably the children of the older gens. And comes with it are all those hip interiors and accessories, and latte arts. :)

That rock climbing shoes

The reason why I need to ride the train on my own was to get Migi's climbing shoes. For some reason, this child chose a sports where gears are hard to find locally. @.@ We should have stick to tennis.
A runner friend based in SG suggested DECATHLON. It was a very huge sporting shop, with Chinese-ish brands. 


On this day, we transfered to Changi area. Mark attended seminar hosted at a hotel located here. Thus at 35, I needed to travel on my own as Mark was in a seminar. 

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