Dec 12, 2006

A Whole New World

Last Friday, we went down to IT Park to see a friend. And, we're like 'wowwww!' We passed a lot of times on IT Park but I have not really looked at it closely. The place looks super sosyal -- it's just so not Cebu. I mean not the usual Cebu I know of. We feel so out of place. Everything there just looks so posh -- the people, the buildings with the restos, coffee shops, and whatnots. =) They say mura na daw Manila - well, I don't know, I've never been to the business district of Manila.

If Id' work there, feel nako mahurot ra ako sweldo kinaon sa mga kan-anan didto. =) Plus, people with cave-days fashion sense don't have a place there. Like me! =)

Lately, except for the Koreans, I noticed that local people are dressed up na jud. It's a good sign, I think. Though, I miss those days na mag laroy2x mi around Cebu, from Ayala (miss LFS) to Fuente to good old The Village (in IT park) in our slippers and ready-for-sleeping outfit and we'd never feel out of place. =) I think I'm stuck with the old Cebu. I need to move on -- move to the mountains! =)


XXXX YYYY said...

cebu's catching up with the world, i guess. ;o)

Riggy Guacamoli said...

very true. addicting ang oreo brain freeze sa brown cup tapos, everything that ila puti has on their menu are just mouthwatering. grabe, i even developed this habit na gani na every payday, i'd try out something new sa menu sa ila puti. everything that i try tastes good jud. naadik na ko.

pag hapit na hurot kwarta, i settle for our meal provider sa pantry. they serve good food na mas barato.

naa na pud jollibee sa IT park.

rose buenconsejo said...

curious ko da... gotta try this one of these days. =)

rose buenconsejo said...

yeyep. i just wish though that people will still remain 'yano' but kickass. oh well... =)