Dec 7, 2006

toy$ r u$$$

I really fell in love the first time I saw this ZOOB toy at Play2Learn Ayala but that time I have no money so I was not able to buy one. The next time I went there with some money, the only available is the 35-piece set. Again, I came out of the shop empty-handed again. You know I'm a sucker for the biggest/largest/maniest size/pieces. =) My thinking is that the bigger the more practical.

The ZOOB functions like lego where kids can build something out of the pieces. My kids or I enjoy watching my kids enjoying playing with the building blocks, lego-like but another brand. From time to time, Migi would pick up some blocks (i don't know what's the right term) then after some time of connecting them, he'd then declare his creation as 'airplane' or 'bang2x' (two of his favorites to make or maybe they're the stuffs he's much acquainted at the moment) or sometimes 'truck' and just about any thing. Though they look far from an airplane or a gun or a truck but I can't help and get excited at the thought that my kid's imagination is working. Meg's favorite activity with the 'building blocks' is disconnecting the connected and putting them back again. Her favorite is putting together all the single-piece blocks which migi would just crash once on the floor -- poor meg.

That's why I fell in love with ZOOB because I think my kids would love it too. I happened to pass by their store again yesterday, and saw that they have the 125-piece set and 1 na lng jud ang stock, not really the biggest set. Actually, I was weighing between the ZOOB and Tonka truck because I read that the ZOOB is for kids age 6+ but I really really really like it and I don't want to pass the chance so I purchase it.

But after purchasing it, I feel like is it really worth it. It's price is P1,798.00, and for me any toy P500+ is already expensive. I think P1,798 for 125 pieces is too much and then mangawala ra. And, as the package says it's for kids age 6+ so I'm not sure if they'll really like this like they like the building blocks. So now, I'm still hiding the toy in the cabinet. hehheheh =) And, I feel stupid!

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