Dec 20, 2006

My Thank-You's

As Christmas is just days away, I would like to say my big Thank You to Lord God for all the blessings and not so blessings He give to us.

1. Good health -- majorly, every one in my family is in good health, no major sciky problems.
2. Jobs and Opportunities -- I'm so blessed that after quitting from the 'corporate world,' He provided me with something I can earn from with the privilege of working at home near my kids. He also provided my husband jobs/projects where he truly enjoys doing.
3. Financial blessings -- enough to provide us with some luxuries -- like being able to eat out at Jollibee at least twice a month and being able to buy some toys.
4. Little troubles - that came our way which helps us to become a better person and have wider perspective of things.
5. Generous husband - he may not have a romantic side, he may be the most insensitive person in the world, he may not be the best father but definitely he has a very good heart not only for his family but for others as well.
6. My out-of-this-world KIAT babies - who keep me always biting my lips from frustrations and anger. They may not be Gerber babies or perfect little ones and sometimes they make me want to deposit them at DSWD but they never fail to melt my heart at the end of the day. God knows how to play tricks.
7. Friends - they may not have the most incredible fashion sense but definitely
8. Babysitters/Yayas -- the most underrated occupation. They may not be ala Von Trapp nanny but they have the biggest heart for my kids. Big enough to put up with me and Mark's childishness and immaturity and our kids' wickedness. They somehow have more patience for my kids than us.

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