Dec 8, 2006

Manong knows well...

Earlier this week, we got in a taxi and the driver has this ASEAN ID thingy hanging on his rear view mirror. We asked him how he got the ID. So he answered that he attended a seminar in TESDA, then he continued talking about how will the traffic go during ASEAN blahblah. Quite informative actually for someone like me who spends most of the time on celebrity websites. Then, he mentioned that no meetings will actually be held in CICC because the participants do not feel safe because it's newly built. All meetings will be done in Shangrila, Hilton, and Waterfront according to Manong. He said the CICC will be for the press people. Plus, he mentioned that not all head of countries will be here, only representatives. Well, what he said actually means sense but I did not take it seriously -- it can be all chismis. You know, CICC costs almost P800M as they said, and it's not going to be used this ASEAN summit? Oh well, as the saying goes, you need to spend to earn.

Anyhow, Manong's facts are all correct. An article in INQ7 Special Site confirms it. Lesson of the story, bilib jud ko ni Manong -- socially aware! =) Something Cebu can be proud of, we have well-informed taxi drivers.

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