Dec 5, 2006

of cat bites, shots, and pedias

*part of migi's daily routine is going around the neighborhood in the morning. almost all our neighbors are my husband's close relatives. when they came home, her ate mona told me that migi was bitten by a cat, actually a kitten. the bite is not that major, not really deep but it left bite marks. it does not look that i need to be worried. owkei, 90% of me just want to just dismiss the incident but 10% of me can't help but worry and  think about rabies. mother's nature, i don't want to take chances so this afternoon we'll go the city as in cebu city. gawd, kalayo ba sad sa ilang pedia oy. hopefully, it's nothing bad. and, i'd stop googling for cat bites! i just don't like the google results i got -- they're not comforting.

*her ate mona is quite defensive about the incident but i never blamed her nor complained about it. accidents happen. i'm just grateful it's nothing really bad. if ever there is to blame, it should be me. if i don't want accidents to happen, then i should hover over my kid 24/7. and even if i do that, it's still not a guarantee that they'll be harm-free.

*meg also has a scheduled immunization shot so we'll be hitting 2 birds with 1 stone with our trip to the pedia later. she's scheduled for MMR or MRR (i dunno which is correct.). she still does not fully recovered yet from her colds but i'm still hoping the pedia will still give her the shot though please...

*by the way, our pedia's name is fortunato. does any body here also have her as their pedia or know her? we'd been with her for 2 years already. it's been 2 years but i never get so close or at least chika2x with her. every visit with her is like straight to the point -- i'll narrate my reason for being there, she'll examine the kids, little chitchat and off. it's because she's just got so many patients. but maybe because i'm not also the chika type kind of person. so many times i think of transferring to another pedia, someone near 'lacion and not so many patients. but i kind of feel secure with her and trust her with my kids so agwantahon na lang. 

*one thing that i don't like with neighborhood doctors is they prescribed a lot of medicines but when i get to my kids' pedia, she'll ask me to stop giving the meds prescribed by them because they're not really necessary. money waste on meds not used. see, i resorted to neighborhood pedias to save money (money on fares plus snacks), time and effort but i end up not really saving. plus our pedia has this no-antibiotic-as-much-as-possible motto so when they prescribed antibiotics for my kids, i can't help but question if the prescription is apt. see, pointless coz i'd end up going to fortunato for 2nd opinion. but in fairness, there are also reliable doctors in our area.

* true story though, migi's cousin was prescribed antibiotics by a neighborhood doctor because of fevers but actually there's no infection. instead she had baby measles which does not require any medicine after all. see, you can't blame me if i'm a bit skeptical.

*recently, i noticed that their pedia knows my kids' first names already. because when i only bring one of the kids, she'd ask, 'oh, where is your sister margaret or your kuya miguel?' she has that many patients. happy funny because at least now i know we exist somewhere in her memory. validated. how shallow me.

*and, speaking of anti-biotics. i hope migi will only be given anti-biotics. anti-rabies is expensive. P1500/shot, and i think there will be 5 shots. huhuhuhu... merry christmas! does anybody knew here where to buy cheaper anti-rabies vials?

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